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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  February 22, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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polls wondering if anyone can fix their country's economic problems. from the streets to the red carpet of hollywood, we followed two boys as they take a long journey in search of oscar gold. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. it took two hours, but the south african magistrate announced that oscar pistorius would be released on bail. the former olympian who is charged with murdering his girlfriend will have to stick to strict restrictions until its actual trial gets under way. andrew harding was in court again for us today. tried to maskrius his feelings in court today,
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ploys to discover if he would be released from police custody. the magistrate took two hours to summarize the twists of this dramatic case. still no cameras allowed when the court was in session. >> i've come to the conclusion that the accused has made a case to be released on bail. toas the magistrates began announce his decision, oscar pistorius slumped, sobbing, his shoulders shaking. his father tried to comfort him. the athlete stood up and left court. there was more relief here today, everybody knows there is a long legal journey ahead. as a sign of that, at the magistrate imposed strict conditions on the athlete. bayless 70,000 pounds, he must remain in south africa and
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report to the police twice a week. the magistrate said he found aspects of the testimony troubling. what really happened that night when he rushed from his bedroom to shoot four times to a toilet girl killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp? >> there are some aspects of the version of the accused that are quite pronounced. i have difficulty appreciating why the accused did not ascertained the whereabouts of his pro friend. i have difficulty coming to terms with the fact that the accused did not see to verify who was in the toilet when he could have asked. >> outside court, his family made it clear that reeva steenkamp's death was still very much on their minds. that oscarelieved got bail today. we are ine time,
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mourning for the death of reeva with a family. >> her family gave their own and muted reaction to the decision to grant bail to the man who shot their daughter. >> we just want to know the truth. whatever happens, it will not bring her back. >> meanwhile, oscar pistorius's coach suggested that the athlete my return to training stand if only to take his mind off of what he has done. he is broken. that is all. >> do you have any reason he would want to get back on the track straight away? leaving court, free for now, he looked like a man overwhelmed at the knowledge that he shot and
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killed his girlfriend and that his life and his career will never be the same again. .> andrew harding reporting for more on the events in south africa, i spoke to usaid sports columnist. thank you for coming in. everytime i get you into the studio, it is because sports men or women or behaving badly. >> sports is a reflection of our society. the mirror of our society, which is very sad. >> we do not know exactly what the facts of the case are. were you surprised when you heard the news of oscar pistorius been holed up for murder charges? >> absolutely. the london olympics, the story of inclusion. you have this young man who was born without legs or had been amputated and the thought that
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parauld be part of the olympics and also the london games but what a message of inclusion for everyone in the world. to see this story yet, it is awful. >> what has been the repercussions in the sporting world? >> disbelief. combined with the fact the realization once again, tiger woods, lance armstrong, that we do not know these people. so many fans cheer and a look at them as role models and kids believe in them, if this is not the ultimate wake-up call, we do not know them. we have no idea who they are. we should be careful who we cheer for. >> hasn't always been like this? has there been this idealization of sports figures? the intent celebrity culture that surrounds them?
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>> we are at the peak of that. it is a great question. we have never seen adulation at a higher peak simply because of the internet. game, almost every every practice of your favorite team or athlete. we know so much more, and yet we do not know anything. we also have the media at its highest in the sense of everyone is covering things. psittacine bloggers -- bloggers. -- citizen this kind of thing was not happen in the 1930's and 1940's. >> what about the money? oscar pistorius has already lost his sponsorship money. >> because they're making so much money, i would think they would be more careful. you would have thought that tiger woods would have been more careful. or lance armstrong.
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instead it seems to make some more reckless. each one of those stories is very different. there is a eighth readier and that is the higher they go -- there is a thread here, the higher they go, it is amazing to make some much money and they are still so willing to risk it all. >> are sports fans going to change now? are they going to lose some of their idealization? >> you would think they would, but my guess is no. people still want to believe. they want to have that escape. they will still cheer and hope. there are some wonderful sportsmen and sports women. one more item from the world of sports but the u.s. government has joined a lawsuit against lance armstrong after
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talks with his lawyers broke down. the suit argues armstrong defrauded the american public by insisting he was not using drugs will writing for the u.s. postal service team. last month, he admitted using performance enhancing drugs. this weekend, italian voters must decide do they trust to get their ailing country moving again. the choice includes a former communist an outspoken comedian, berlusconi, and economic technocrat mario monti. our europe editor has more. naples in the final hours of campaigning in the italian general election but europe fears the result could cause tremors any euro zone. an ex-orites to win is
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communist. away from the public rallies, he had this message for europe. >> i intend to convince your of the that austerity is not enough. i do not believe european policies are correct. they need to be adjusted to take more account of investment and jobs. >> he promises to reduce the deficit any sense the mood in italy is disillusioned and angry. canchallenge is whether he put together a coalition which will last and will have credibility. what europe leaders fear most is political instability in italy. there is one party leader whose threatens to turn every calculation upside down.
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he arrives by camper van. he is a wild thing. comedian who rages against corruption and the political establishment. he wants to hold a referendum on the euro and he is filling the public squares. mainstream candidates fear him and his simple message. people are killing themselves because they do not have work, he told me. italians are going to eat in soup kitchens. another unknown factor is berlusconi, promising to cancel taxes amateur and money to the voters. he counseled his final campaign appearance tonight, citing troubles with his vision. this is to europe's leaders would like to see in a broad stable coalition, mario monti, the former prime minister. tonight in iran, a vast crowds
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are gathering to. the comedian -- tonight and crowds are rome, gathering to hear the comedian. >> the choice facing italians at a critical time and the credit ratings agency moody's has downgraded its rating for british government bonds. it has lowered the ratings for britain by one level. the move is likely to cause political controversy in britain. the coalition government has previously attached considerable compliance to the top rating. vigils have been held at the side of a bomb attack in pakistan that killed 500 people over the weekend. -- securitytors
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forces deny allegations of collusion. islamabad.rom dead, blown up last saturday in a busy marketplace. young victims of sectarian slaughter. , ay were shia muslims minority that is being hunted down and killed. mohammed lost five loved ones. , hisife, his nephew sister-in-law, and two of his daughters. i stepped over the dead bodies of my girls, four times, he told us but they were so badly burned, i did not recognize
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them. his daughter wants to know why her little sisters died at the hands of fellow muslims. are they killing us, she cries? we share the same religion, what did we do? why have the culprits not been punished? those responsible for this devastation were suny extremists. was their second major attack in the past six weeks. is now undermunity siege, calling out for protection and for justice. she'll leaders claimed the killers who were nurtured by the top -- she'll leaders claimed the killers still have powerful friends. -- shia leaders claimed the
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killer is still have powerful friends. we believe there are some elements in our law enforcement who were supporting them, who are protecting them. >> as the latest victims were laid to rest, the government finally took some action. suspects were rounded up and a few senior militants were killed. shias wonder why it took so long and how many more bodies they will have to bury. "bbc worldwatching is america." --tro's mention of the world word retire has people talking. celebrated piece of work by the british street artist is now on the other side of the world.
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we report on the controversy that it has sparked. >> it is the wall that was an all blank. slave labor,. overnight during the queen's diamond jubilee eat. as mysteriously as it appeared, it was gone again. disappearing last weekend, a rumored to have been removed by the building's owner. the work has turned up in an antique auction house. -- in a miami auction house. for the locals, it is a case of men night robbery. -- midnight robbery. >> i think it should be brought back. >> is to be kept here for the community. -- it should be kept here for the community. >> the auction house behind the sale disagrees. it said it was acquired legally and will be sold legally. >> some people were complaining
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that the work had been stolen. that is incorrect. >> he captured the world's attention in the early 2000's when his political satire graffiti started appearing on walls in the world's most famous city. the world is worried. if the sale goes ahead, others could soon be stripped for cash. if it starts to be removed and sold for very high prices, across the world, they may start to disappear. slave labor will be auctioned on saturday work is expected to earn more than half a million dollars. one owner truly tried to take it straight to the bank.
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>> the pope, now castro. the cuban president raised the possibility that he might resign. it became during a joint statement with russian president medvedev. for more on this curious comment, i spoke with the vice- president of the council of the americas. he said that we should watch his speech on sunday very carefully. he has already dropped a bombshell in cuban politics. >> he is looking for the best ratings in history for a cuban speech. this is a bit of a bombshell. nobody is anticipating that he will leave immediately, but signaling that he is getting older. he has seen what has happened to the president chavez. there does need to be a transition in the future. >> could we be looking at a
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change of regime in cuba after 50 years? >> we could be and that would be real news. i do not think we should overplayed this. i do not think anyone is suggesting that the cuban regime is going to change >> the name at the top might. >> they are looking to reform along the chinese model or the vietnamese model. did make some transitions in the economy, make it a little bit liberalized from that perspective. there is one very important point. throughout their range, the castros have not allow anybody to come up to challenge the rule. there is not be right now that could step into that role. this period of transition will be very important. >> the only people around him are of similar age. octogenarians. if you are looking to the next generation, who would that be?
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>> that is a good question. perspective,ogical probably not. we're speculating, but part of that would be to ensure suggested they need to begin to lay the groundwork for that transition. they do not want the revolution to end when their lives to. >> what extent has delivered on that? what would change? >> there have been changes. economically, there have been changes. from my perspective, they have not been -- they have not been significant. if you replace castro with a younger generation, those changes might speed up.
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the u.s. relationship with cuba is codified in u.s. law. there would have to be some real changes on the island towards democracy for u.s. law to change. that limits the extent the u.s. could move it in terms of the change in the relationship. >> that will be an interesting speech on sunday. i am sure you will be watching. there is something else interesting happening on sunday. it is time for that quest for oscar gold. against all odds, a short films from afghanistan has been nominated for academy award. the film is part of the new initiative to help get filmmaking off the ground and that country. the two boys who starred in the film and their long journey to hollywood for the ceremony. >> still looks like a war movie,
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but it is a story about hopes, it trains, and destiny -- dreams, and destiny. for these two boys, a very different backgrounds. the 14-year-old plays the leading role. years, he worked here on chicken street. just like the other kids. he has not abandoned his friends. >> ben-ami like an actor. -- they know me like an actor. >> the film was shot at key kabul landmarks. >> he embodies the spirit of the afghanistan in a way that no one else does. he is a scrapper.
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one of the most intelligent and warmest kids i know. >> as remarkable as the story, and an afghan film is being highest honor.he >> the day she saw the film, she was so proud and she was so happy. in histhe first time life, he is leaving the streets. he and co-star have come here to the madness of hollywood. it is reaching a frenzied pace and head of the oscars on sunday. it is up for best live-action short thump. it is quite an experience for these lads to come here. it is quite a contrast from kabul. what do you think of hollywood? >> i am so happy here. it is the dream of every actor
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to come here. i am so happy and so excited. of los do you think angeles? of things dead. good security. i like everything -- it has lots of things good. the security. >> what about the food? >> i like it. some things are strange for us. the hamburgers are so good. french fries, i like a lot. >> if you are you hoping to see? >> i want to see sylvester stallone. >> what is the message about what afghanistan is like? we are the face of
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afghanistan. >> it would be a dream come true if they could head back to kabul with an oscar, but win or lee is, it would be a great adventure. would be a great adventure. >> sylvester stallone and hamburgers, i love it. we will be falling all of the oscar action of life on twitter. -- following all the oscar action live on twitter. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. fidelity investments. union bank.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> woodruff: the united states' top transportation official warned today that automatic government spending cuts would severely disrupt the nation's air travel system. good evening, i'm judy woodruff. >> suarez: and i'm ray suarez. on the "newshour" tonight, "washington post" reporter lisa rain walks us through the reality and the hype surrounding the timing and impact of sequestration, as the countdown for a deal enters its final week. >> woodruff: then, margaret warner looks at today's summit between president obama and japanese prime minister abe,
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where japan's tensions with china were very much in the forefront. >> suarez: our week long focus on guns, "after newtown" wraps up tonight with a report from chicago on the public health crisis in the city in the wake of rising gun violence. >> the people who come in after having been shot are some of the highest risk folks. these are people who have been shot, who may have been shot before, and really without some intervention, without some life- changing moment, the trajectory's either going to be jail or death. >> woodruff: mark shields and david brooks analyze the week's news. >> suarez: and, as a magistrate grants oscar pistorius bail, we talk to charlayne hunter gault about how his arrest has focused attention on the unusually high rate of violence against women in south africa. >> domestic violence is shot through the entire society from the highest of the highed in socioeconomic terms to the lowest of the low. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight'sws


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